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Richard S. Waguespack, Ph.D., LCSW

Physicians and Scientists. You might be interested in taking a look at my forthcoming book “Being Becoming” for a ‘stretch read’. A very significant portion of this work is more technical than the mainframe description on this website and other venues. It covers a fairly large, somewhat integrated gamut of “reframed physiology” expanding or enhancing conventional assumptions about being in the direction of acknowledging chemical cascades, quantum forces and ‘transcendental morphology’.  It can be quite mind expanding to explore potential alignments of certain variables with a ‘whole package’ of components that constitute being – physical, quantum, morphic, metaphysical and spiritual.  I have worked hard to avoid being too “woo-woo” about such things – insisting on a strong level of epistemological and Ontological integrity when groups come together to assess merits of proposed interdisciplinary paradigms addressing the nature of person and “being” — ideally to contribute to  domains that must be weighed in medical ethics and development of systems theory.  Again – it probes fairly deeply and broadly into physiology, neurology, chemistry, biology biochemistry and physics.  Though I have limited it somewhat for the sake of a broader interdisciplinary paradigm, at a minimum,  physicians and scientists will be reminded of information and categories already known in part, but perhaps not pursued in depth from the framework offered in this publication.  If you would be interested in examining an early advanced copy, I would surely value your feedback.  Please feel free to contact me anytime if you would be interested in taking a look to provide helpful feedback or your insertable quote from your recent work  or another…

Join me in launching my forthcoming book, Being Becoming: Integrative Paradigms (Volume I).  This offering as well as course undergoing revision Being and Systems integrates key conduits of Ontology derived primarily from Judeo-Christian civilization. Ontology is an optimal agent to facilitate interdisciplinary enrichment of healthcare, developmental psychology, science, ethics, business and aesthetics with the purpose of improving the learner’s capacity to influence the fabric of modern thought and professional orientation. In both works, learners will discover a developmental orientation that examines the basis of potentiality and essence of being in several domains of existence.  

One overarching goal is to fortify principled individuals to improve working paradigms and pedagogy pertaining to medicine, psychology, social work and health science education. Another is to address theory and evident “working assumptions” that may affect educational goals and organizational dynamics in science and technology.  Finally, the notion of being in Being draws the learner to consider ways to integrate epistemology with the full scope of human existence in relation to “the other”.

This publication offers a rich knowledge base suitable for developing the intersection between Medicine and Ontology and aligning one’s field of expertise within emerging interdisciplinary paradigms. These include Clinical Pastoral Education, Curriculum Development in Medicine, Health Science and other Education.  It extends to Systems Theory and its interface with Individual, Family, Group and Organizational Development. 

In sum, Being Becoming offers a platform to help generate a mutual nomenclature in search of fortifying the Transdiscipline of Ontology to address questions about the constitution of humans becoming.  With such an effort, participants and “agencies” are more informed to consider ‘developmental essence’ aspiring to a holistic, integrated existence in all stages of life and domains of being.


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This video is primarily for college and graduate students with a Christian outlook in search of paradigms to overcome pedagogical adversity and more optimal pathways for learning and development.  It promotes Being Becoming: Integrative Paradigms – Volume I: Ontological Modeling.

Introductory videos under construction are directed at the following groups:

–Healthcare Practitioners and Educators–

–Other Educators–

–Scientists and Mathematicians–

–Philosophers, Theologians and Pastoral Workers–

–IT, other Technology Developers and other Consultants–

–Executives, Administrators and Managers within Corporations and Government–

–Coaches and Trainers–

–Artists in many different venues–

 Waguespack Seminars
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