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Volume I: Interdisciplinary Research and Ontological Modeling

Summary and Subscription

                                   -Volume I–

Interdisciplinary Research and Ontological Modeling

Summary and Subscription

                                   -Volume I–

Interdisciplinary Research and Ontological Modeling

Summary and Subscription



There are seven more volumes forthcoming in this Being Becoming series  to be compiled into a major compendium.  No need to wait for this publication — you can learn ahead of the curve by buying new volumes of Being Becoming as soon as they become available!

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Today’s emerging Ontology is about fathoming a broader spectrum of being in pursuit of holistic self-actualization and reforming the pedagogy of many disciplines.  For most, this involves a process of discovering the most meaningful interdisciplinary conduits to illuminate key venues including neurology and physiology to key features of phenomenology, existentialism and spirituality.

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Richard Waguespack

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A quest of this Being Becoming series is to fortify academic pedagogy and professional venues with building blocks; tools and constructs for developing individuals, groups and organizations. A serious effort is made to put science in its proper perspective and to address the many epistemological challenges that come with interdisciplinarity.

On many levels of being, including very abstract and submerged levels, we have deficits in internal and external references, causing us to feel incomplete and dissonant, out of sync with self and others.  We find it difficult to harness the vocabulary and paradigms necessary to discuss our existence and problematic to know how to best invest in our being becoming.   

We seek meaning and purpose for our intellectual activity and personal growth alongside much activity with various people and organizations.  Unfortunately, we often suppress the reality that the organizations we work with on multiple levels are indeed malformed at the core – seriously missing the mark in many categories of being and dragging society down.  There is often overwhelming evidence they are not participating in the Ontological Good as principled people expect.  Instead the ethos manifested is often riddled with unspoken and spoken assumptions that are untenable.  At the roots we find moral deficiencies allowed to stand because of impasses to an ongoing fertile interdisciplinary interface guided by adequate knowledge of Ontological essentials.

Often away from the organization, we struggle to arrive an intersections that best integrate self with systems and the broader environment – often as difficult to process as to accept because they have so much wrong with them.  Often stranded and seemingly stalemated from optimal engagement with reasonably accessible potential, we often find ourselves stranded.

Somewhere between deadbeat acceptance and fantasying about these problems evaporating there are things we can do to deepen our own and others outlook in a way that actually changes the intellectual and developmental agendas in our sphere of influence.  The Volumes of Becoming Becoming: Integrative Paradigms have much to say about reforming existing structures with the help of Ontology!


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What can an expansive transdiscipline like Ontology interfaced with key features of important disciplines teach us about how to live and organize our ideas?  

–The study of Ontology is important to philosophers in scholasticism, phenomenology, existentialism working for a contemporary synthesis of being especially as it is geared to reconcile issues of Monism, Materialism, *Cartesian dualism, *essence, *potential and *existence.   Substantial form and signate essence…

–The study of Ontology is important to scientists and healthcare professionals seeking ways to expand their platform into meaningful interdisciplinary paradigms that uphold essential values necessary for optimal development

–The Transdiscipline of Ontology is great for students looking for pivotal issues to research and develop their own platforms.  Being Becoming is filled with good ideas for students in health science, healthcare, many fields of science, psychology, technology, math, philosophy and Theology. Many any are specifically pointed out for their attention.

–Interdisciplinary Ontology is great for professors seeking to forage out with work that has meaning and utility for the epistemological challenges involved in dealing with broader, multidisciplinary perspectives. It is also a fantastic platform for identifying contexts where human potential and essence is either specially augmented or put at risk.

–Business people, especially those who appreciate applications of systems theory will find many features of the Being Becoming series to be valuable assets!

Along with the interface of other metaphysics and philosophy, Ontological interface is often a very good solution for working through structural and functional obstacles contained in certain paradigms with inadequate consensus from peers, colleagues, and administrators. administrations.  The Being Becoming series points to key variables that may be pivotal in empowering the Ontologically minded to take the lead in generating interdisciplinary interface around the Transdiscipline of Ontology, the study of being, becoming and existence.  This includes knowledge surrounding criteria for gatekeeping  and criteria for interdisciplinary validity  regarding the quality of intellectual import of a concept, construct or theory being considered for inclusion in databases, collective efforts and public presentations sure to impact the working assumptions of individuals, groups and beyond.

With the firm belief that a healthy society requires people and organizations increase in transparency, laying out for public scrutiny their identity, goals and objectives within an emergent interdisciplinary system that encourages optimal individual development and individuation.  This is a major part of the mission of the Being Becoming series – a work I have been preparing for years! 


Waguespack, R. S. (2019, January 1). Being Becoming: Integrative Paradigms. Volume I Interdisciplinary Research and Ontological Modeling:  Summary and Subscription.  Retrieved January 1, 2009 from Waguespack, R. S. (2019, January 1). What is Ontology? Retrieved from

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